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MV Circuit Design Inc is the total solution for all of your Engineering & Production needs. Our staff is comprised of a group of well versed individuals that balance into a well rounded globe of intelligence and experience. We have introduced numerous PCB products into the market place with huge success from Research to Power Circuitry to digital high speed as well as wireless communications and military applications and medical. Working closely with your staff of personnel and your standards we will produce usable documentation and production worthy manufacturing information for your fabricator and manufacturer or ours with end results that will take your Company beyond the competition with cost effectiveness in mind. MV Circuit Design, your total turnkey solution.


United States Patent 8,085,128 Issued December 27, 2011 to MV Circuit Design inc A device for selectively controlling access to a plurality of secure areas includes a driver circuit including a plurality of drivers, and a plurality of access modules each assigned to a corresponding secure area of the plurality of secure areas. Each access module is operatively coupled to at least one actuator operative to grant or deny access to the corresponding secure area. Unused drivers provided to a first access module of the plurality of access modules are cascaded to a second access module of the plurality of access modules.