CARTRIDGE Management module, Drawer Module     

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CONTROL MODULE                  DRAWER

 Patented CONTROL UNIT (cartridge Management module) drives up to 1 to 8 switches and solenoids has on board trickle charger and break-in alarm detector and override switch capability for use when main power drops. Example shown used in left picture in a medical drawer dispensing unit on a mobile cart. Our modules are Build to NASA robust standards to endure physical vibration. ROHOS Compliant.1 year guarantee. A USB connection and 12 volt source needed and our PC based software package. Included is 4 (Drawer board modules) that have interface to switches, solenoid's allowing a system to have 1 to 8 independently locking drawers below is a block diagram on how our modules work in a medication dispensing sytem

Company Highlights

United States Patent 8,085,128 Issued December 27, 2011 to MV Circuit Design Inc.

A device for selectively controlling access to a plurality of secure areas includes a driver circuit including a plurality of drivers, and a plurality of access modules each assigned to a corresponding secure area of the plurality of secure areas. Each access module is operatively coupled to at least one actuator operative to grant or deny access to the corresponding secure area. Unused drivers provided to a first access module of the plurality of access modules are cascaded to a second access module of  the plurality of access modules.